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Paola Rodriguez


Paola is an Economist with a multifaceted background in entrepreneurship, consulting, team leadership, and education. She has a diverse cultural background spanning from her Mexican roots to her academic pursuit of a Master´s degree in California, and her more than 11 years living in Texas. Paola has sharpened her skills through diverse experiences, including co-founding a corporate consulting firm in Mexico City specializing in executing projects across various industries. 

Throughout her career, Paola has embraced a philosophy of continuous learning, consistently seeking opportunities to expand her knowledge and expertise. As a former co-founder, she has developed an understanding of the strategic complexities involved in project implementation. Paola is deeply committed to client success, particularly through her focus on fostering team building.

Known for her resourcefulness and adaptability, Paola consistently delivers value to every project she undertakes. Her versatile skill set along with her commitment to client satisfaction, distinguishes her as a trusted advisor in any professional endeavor.

Paola Rodriguez
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