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Moises (Moy) Wornovitzky


Moy's impressive background in industrial engineering and business administration has provided him with a diverse set of skills that allow him to excel in various industries and projects. With over 25 years of experience in operations, consulting, and project management, Moy has developed a results-oriented and efficiency-driven approach that make him an asset to any team. Additionally, his cross-training and experience with varying project types, sizes, and complexities have given him a well-rounded skill set that is invaluable to any organization.

As a strategic and results-oriented individual, Moy has held progressive leadership roles and demonstrated strong operational and project management experience in the energy and utilities, customer care and billing, and business process outsourcing industries. He is a fast learner and hard worker, with a tireless passion for delivering results and a fearless resolve to dealing with ambiguity. Furthermore, Moy's polished approach to influencing and communicating at all levels make him an effective leader and team player.

Notably, Moy is fully fluent in Spanish, which makes him an asset in today's global economy. Overall, Moy's impressive experience and skills make him a strong leader and valuable asset to any organization.

Moises (Moy) Wornovitzky
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