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Jorge Miranda


Expertise: Finance, Operations & Strategic Partnerships

Jorge has a proven track record of delivering results through building strong stakeholder relationships, developing and managing high performing teams while achieving tactical objectives.

Jorge's impressive background in accounting and international business has prepared him to be a bold and visionary leader. Through his experience in Canada, he has gained valuable experience in various industries, including IT, O&G, manufacturing, and service startups. With his expertise in business assessment sales, he has successfully established strategic alliances with Fortune 500 companies.

As an experienced senior executive, entrepreneur, and strategist, Jorge has a proven track record of executing vision. One of Jorge's greatest strengths is his ability to lead and mentor others. He has built a reputation as a strong leader who can manage high-performing teams while achieving strategic objectives.

Jorge's success is due in large part to his ability to build strong stakeholder relationships. Jorge's unique combination of technical expertise and leadership skills makes him an asset to any organization.

Jorge Miranda
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