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Dharmesh Makwana


Dharmesh's commitment to creating a positive impact is evident through his work with purpose-driven organizations. With an extensive professional background spanning over 25 years, he brings a wealth of expertise that enables him to guide companies to success in diverse sectors and industries. His exceptional skills as a business partner and management expert, coupled with his strong leadership abilities, empower him to construct high-performing teams, develop innovative products, and formulate strategic plans to achieve ambitious goals with remarkable efficiency.

In addition to his role in advising the company on operations and projects, Dharmesh leverages his keen ability to identify opportunities for growth and innovation. He stays informed about emerging trends, market dynamics, and technological advancements, enabling him to recognize untapped potential and develop strategies to capitalize on them. His proficiency in commercializing new technologies further contributes to his capacity to drive growth and create competitive advantages for the companies he works with.

What truly sets Dharmesh apart is his unwavering passion for Indigenous reconciliation. He firmly believes that companies have a crucial role to play in advancing reconciliation efforts and supporting Indigenous self-determination. Recognizing the historical injustices and inequalities faced by Indigenous peoples, Dharmesh advocates for meaningful engagement and collaboration between companies and Indigenous communities.  Dharmesh understands that reconciliation is not just a societal responsibility but also a business imperative. He recognizes that by actively working towards Indigenous reconciliation, companies can contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society while also fostering sustainable economic development.

Dharmesh Makwana
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