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Carlos Solórzano


Expertise: Regulatory, M&A & Business Development

Carlos's extensive experience in the field of law and international business has made him a trusted advisor for companies seeking to expand their operations globally. His expertise in energy, project financing, and foreign investment has enabled him to provide strategic advice that goes beyond legal frameworks. Carlos's focus on negotiation and development of strategic alliances has helped many companies establish successful joint ventures and resolve complex disputes.

His experience in advising foreign investment, including selecting the most favorable jurisdiction for investments, has helped many companies make informed decisions and achieve successful internationalization.

Carlos's broad experience with general corporate commercial matters is also worth mentioning. He has helped clients with everything from incorporations and procurement issues to commercial real estate transactions and intellectual property matters. In particular, Carlos has deep knowledge of outsourcing, procurement, regulatory issues, and sole-service provider models in the energy sector.

Overall, Carlos's diverse background and expertise makes him an invaluable resource for companies looking to navigate the complex landscape of international business.

Carlos Solórzano
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